Application of Molybdenum in Electronic and electrical field

- Feb 10, 2020-

  Molybdenum has good electrical conductivity and high temperature resistance, and its thermal expansion coefficient is similar to that of glass. It is widely used in the manufacture of core wires, lead wires and hooks for spiral filaments. In addition, molybdenum wire is also an ideal electrode wire for wire electric discharge machine tools. It can cut a variety of steels and hard alloys, and its discharge processing is stable, which can effectively improve the accuracy of the mold.

  The single-layer molybdenum material has good semiconductor characteristics. Some properties exceed the widely used silicon and graphene, which is likely to become the next-generation semiconductor material. The California Institute of Nanotechnology has successfully used MoS2 to produce a molybdenum-based flexible microprocessing chip. This microchip is only 20% of the equivalent silicon-based chip and has extremely low power consumption. The transistors made of molybdenum are in standby. The power consumption is one hundred thousandth of a silicon transistor, and it is cheaper than a graphene circuit of the same size. Its circuit is also very flexible and extremely thin, which can be attached to human skin.

(Translated from JinShuBaiKe)