Application of Smart City - Part II

- May 22, 2020-


6. Smart tourism

Based on cloud computing and with mobile terminal applications as the core, smart tourism is a new model of tourism informationization which features efficient information services such as perception and interaction. The core of smart tourism is efficient tourist-oriented tourism information services.

7. Smart Healthcare

Smart Healthcare includes health service network, community health service system and information platform with health information management as the core. Smart healthcare can effectively promote the communication and interaction between the information systems of medical and health units. With the focus on hospital management and electronic medical records, the city's residents' electronic health records will be established; with the focus on the realization of hospital service networking, the construction of smart healthcare such as remote registration, electronic charging, digital telemedicine service, graphic medical examination and diagnosis system will improve the level of medical and health services.

8. Smart transportation

Smart transportation is a key Internet of Things (IoT) vertical application. Through monitoring, traffic flow distribution optimization, smart transportation improves the monitoring system and information network system of public security, urban management, highway, etc., establishes a unified intelligent urban traffic comprehensive management and service system focusing on traffic guidance, emergency command, intelligent travel, taxi and bus management, and realizes the sharing of traffic information, the real-time monitoring and dynamic management of highway traffic conditions, comprehensively improves the monitoring and intelligent management level, and ensures the safety and smooth of transportation.

9. Smart logistics

Through the application of RFID, multi-dimensional barcode, satellite positioning, cargo tracking, e-commerce, the transformation from traditional logistics to smart logistics is realized. The logistics information platform based on the Internet of Things (IoT) effectively integrates the logistics resources and realizes the integration of logistics government service and logistics business service.

10. Smart trade

Smart trade supports enterprises to carry out e-commerce activities such as online inquiry, online purchase, online marketing and online payment through own website or third-party e-commerce platforms.

11. Smart service

Through the in-depth application of information technology, smart service has transformed the traditional operation, management and service mode of service industry, and realizes the transformation to modern intelligent service industry.

(Translated from academic forum of smart city)