Brief Introduction of Intelligent Temperature Detection System

- Mar 31, 2020-

Smart temperature measurement system can detect large-scale and high-density population in case of an epidemic, quickly find out those with higher temperature, and effectively control the spread of the epidemic. The system is easy and convenient to operate, can set the temperature range of alarm, realizing multi-target alarm and tracking, ensuring that the target is not missed while avoiding the interference of other high temperature objects. Infrared and visible video images are transmitted to the monitoring center in real time for analysis and processing. 

The system adopts visible light facial recognition and array infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement, which ensures the accuracy and intelligence of detection, and realizes more convenient, comfortable and safe temperature measurement.

Advantages of Intelligent Temperature Detection System

1. The temperature measurement time is less than 1 second, which will not cause congestion and ensure the traffic efficiency of high-density population in public areas.

2. Effectively alleviate the staff’s work intensity and relieve the pressure of manpower shortage.

3. Avoid staff contact with suspected patients and reduce the risk of staff infection.

4. High product accuracy, low false detection rate and missed detection rate.

5. Wireless remote data transmission, real-time display of data, high information transparency.

6. Outdoor large screen data display is optional to realize the participation of the whole people in supervision.

7. Flexible data storage, historical curve analysis at any time, big data monitoring and management being realized.

(Translated from academic forum of Smart City)