Brief Introduction of Mesh Wireless Ad Hoc Network

- Mar 07, 2020-

  Mesh wireless ad hoc network is a mobile broadband multimedia communication system designed with the new concept of "wireless grid network". All nodes of Mesh wireless ad hoc network can realize real-time interaction of multi-channel voice, data, image and other multimedia information under the condition of non line of sight and fast movement by using the distributed network architecture of no-center ad hoc network. At the same time, mesh wireless ad hoc network supports any network topology structure. Each node device can move randomly and quickly. The system topology can change and update rapidly without affecting the system transmission. The overall system is easy to deploy, use, operate and maintain.

Advantage of mesh wireless ad hoc network

  • No-center network, which can be flexibly deployed on demand, without the support of computer room, transmission network and other infrastructure. The network can be set up arbitrarily, and the coverage can be expanded through multi-hop relay network.

  • Dedicated network, whose wireless transmission link has no link cost or traffic cost.

  • Hierarchical grouping and roaming networking, which can expand the system communication capacity.

  • Frequency hopping, which can effectively improve the anti-jamming and anti tracking ability; digital filtering, which can effectively suppress the far-end interference. At the same time, ARQ transmission mechanism is used to reduce the loss rate of data transmission and improve the reliability of data transmission.

  • Data transparent transmission supports non differential transparent transmission of various business data. With broadband transmission capability, it can support clear voice, broadband data, HD video and other multimedia services.

  • The image has the ability of self-adaptive adjustment to fully guarantee the continuity and fluency of data, video and other services.

  • COFDM technology, which has strong anti-multipath ability.

  • Dual antenna is adopted, antenna 1 and antenna 2 support TDD dual transmitter and dual receiver, which can transmit / receive diversity.

Application of mesh wireless ad hoc network

  Wireless mesh ad hoc network system can meet a variety of complex communication requirements, such as large-scale activity security patrol, urban anti-terrorism and stability maintenance command, emergency rescue command and dispatching, fire emergency communication command, ship formation shore/sea interworking and so on. It is widely used in police force, fire protection, power, oil, water conservancy, forestry, radio and television, medical, sea and air communication and other departments.

(Translated from academic forum of Mesh Wireless Ad Hoc Network)