Brief introduction of our emergency communication system

- Jun 23, 2020-

Emergency communication system is used in many fields, such as public security, military, municipal administration, electric power, earthquake, meteorology, telecommunications, disease control, fire prevention in order to prevent and reduce the loss caused by natural disasters, accidents, public hygiene and social security events. This system can send the video, audio and other data of the emergency scenarios to the command center, and realize the functions of decision support, emergency linkage, resource allocation, information release, etc.


  • Flexibility : instant accessing, portability, used for various application scenarios such as

    vehicle-borne, ship-borne and air-borne equipment

  • Fast response: satellite tracking by one button; the link can be established and accessed within 5


  • Strong adaptability: various frequency bands can be customized to meet the needs of users

Application Products

  • Vehicle-borne satellite station(consist of SNG and SOTM)

  • Ship-borne satellite station

  • Portable satellite station