Brief Introduction of Our Operation & Control Integration Platform & Services

- Nov 13, 2020-


Operation & Control Integration Platform has functions such as demand acceptance, satellite
mission planning, system status monitoring, telemetry and control resource planning and
coordinating, telemetry and control data storage, telemetry and control event status, and
telemetry and control plan visualization. Integrated measurement and operation control services
such as operation control management, data service processing, satellite fault diagnosis, and
ground station network dispatch management.


The Operation & Control Integration system, multi-center deployment, free switching, telemetry
and control data sharing and other advantages.
Supporting parallel status detection alarm for multiple satellites (30 satelllites maximum). Among
them, the number of a single satellite telemetry parameters can reach up to 20,000, the telemetry
data frame period of a single satellite can reach 5 frames per second at the fastest.
Issue warnings through screen messages, sounds, etc. for detected faults, abnormal telemetry,
illegal operations, etc.
Multi-user free switching command platform based on cloud architecture.


Domestic and international commercial satellite manufacturers, satellite users, etc., providing
telemetry,operation & control and maintenance services, and satellite operation and control
software support.