Characteristics of mesh wireless ad hoc network

- Mar 20, 2020-

Mesh ad hoc network is a new wireless network technology completely different from the traditional wireless network. In mesh network, each node is not a separate wireless repeater, they are connected with each other, that means each node is connected with several channels to form a whole network. This advantage is that when a certain line is blocked or unresponsive, the node can choose other lines for data transmission independently, which will not affect network access due to the fault of a certain node, so the reliability is very strong.

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Here are some main characteristics of mesh ad hoc network as follows:

Ad hoc network without center and same frequency

Mesh wireless ad hoc network system is a system without center and the same frequency. All nodes have the same status. A single frequency point supports TDD two-way communication. The frequency management is simple and the spectrum utilization rate is high. Any node equipment can be used as terminal node, relay node or command node in the network. At any time and place, wireless communication network can be established quickly without any other fixed communication network facilities (such as optical fiber, copper cable, etc.). All ad hoc network equipment without center and same frequency, including outdoor fixed station, vehicle mounted station and portable single soldier station, can automatically form wireless mesh network with power on and real-time communication between each other.

High reliability

Wireless mesh ad hoc mobile base station adopts military standard design: it is easy to carry, durable, waterproof and dustproof, suitable for rapid deployment in various harsh environments to meet the communication needs of emergency scene. If an AP uplink fails in a traditional WLAN network, all clients on the AP will not be able to access the WLAN network. Wireless mesh has the characteristics of ad hoc network and self-healing, so AP nodes in mesh network usually have multiple available links, which can effectively avoid breakdown caused by the failure of single point.

Strong mobility

The location of the emergency is very uncertain, and the scene of the incident is changeable, so it is necessary to set up a temporary portable base station according to the local conditions. The field portable base station is temporary. It is established with the appearance of the field and withdrawn with the end of the event.

Rapid deployment

How to grasp the real-time dynamic information of the incident scene timely, accurately, quickly and in-depth in the face of emergencies plays an important role in the correct judgment and decision-making of commanders at all levels. high-performance portable base station of wireless mesh ad hoc network adopts single frequency network to simplify the field configuration and deployment difficulty to the greatest extent, meeting the requirements of front-line combat personnel for rapid network building and zero configuration under emergency conditions.

Non-line-of-sight (NLOS) transmission

It is easy to realize NLOS configuration by using mesh ad hoc network technology, its automatic relay feature can easily realize over the horizon transmission, and the signal can automatically choose the best path to continuously jump from one node to another, and finally reach the target node without direct sight distance. It is the key technologies to solve the "last mile" problem for various fields.

High data bandwidth and fast movement

The peak data bandwidth of mesh wireless ad hoc network system is 28Mbps. The node has the ability of non fixed mobile transmission, and fast mobile does not affect the high data bandwidth services, such as voice, data and video services will not be affected by the rapid change of the system topology and the high-speed movement of the terminal.

Security and confidentiality

At the same time, the system has a variety of encryption methods, such as group encryption (working frequency point, carrier bandwidth, communication distance, networking mode, meshID, etc.), channel encryption and source encryption, which are dedicated to a specific purpose, and can effectively prevent illegal equipment and transmitted information from being intercepted and cracked, and ensure the high security of network and information.

(Translated from academic forum of Mesh Wireless Ad Hoc Network)