China's satellite remote sensing is moving towards commercialization

- Jan 20, 2019-

According to statistics, the global satellite application industry in 2017 is about US$260 billion, and remote sensing accounts for less than 1%. Remote sensing satellites mainly rely on image information and have high requirements on transmission bandwidth. To achieve dynamic monitoring with high time resolution, it is necessary to have enough number of satellites. The high cost brought about by these two aspects has constrained the development of commercial remote sensing. However, with the development of microsatellite technology and information, optoelectronics and other technologies, it is not far away to realize low-cost remote sensing satellite networking under the premise of high time and spatial resolution.

China's commercial remote sensing has taken big steps. In 2015, China's first commercial remote sensing constellation "Jilin No. 1" launched its first statellite. The project plans to complete 138 satellite networks in 2030, and will have the ability to revisit any location in the world within 10 minutes. At the beginning of 2018, Gaojing No.1 4-satellite network formed China's first 0.5-meter resolution commercial remote sensing constellation, which made domestic commercial remote sensing data levels enter the international popular list.

With the improvement of satellite remote sensing product quality and application areas, everyone can work together to share costs and create new market applications.

(Translated from Official Weibo Account of CASC )