Classification of Communication Satellites

- Sep 30, 2020-

In a satellite communication system, there is no doubt that the communication satellite is one of the most important parts. It transmits radio signals to the satellite communication stations in the system. Therefore, satellites have a decisive impact on the system performance. As is known to all, there are many kinds of satellites, which can be classified according to their motion state, shape, application type, etc.

According to the motion sate of a satellite: stationary satellite and moving satellite.

According to the shape of a satellite: spherical satellite, box-shaped satellite, cylinder-shaped (sleeve type), cylinder-shaped satellite with conical top, multi-prism satellite, fan-shaped satellite and so on.

According to the application type of a satellite: commercial satellite, military satellite, meteorological satellite, scientific research satellite, broadcast satellite, etc.

According to the weight of a satellite: giant satellite (3500kg), large satellite (1000-3500kg), medium satellite (500-1000KG), small satellite (100-500kg), micro-satellite (10-100kg), Nano-Satellite (1-10kg), Pico-satellite (0.1-1kg), Femto-satellite (0.1kg).

(Translated from Technology of Satellite Communication Earth Station on Space Tracking Ship published by POSTS & TELECOM PRESS)