Classification of satellite communication stations

- Sep 08, 2020-

Satellite communication stations can be classified according to different ways on the basis of their different working frequency bands, communication systems, service types, overall system performance, installation and service objects.

1. Classification by installation

① Fixed station

In terms of geographic location, generally speaking, for large-scale satellite stations, the equipment and antennas are fixed for a long time and will not be relocated.

② Removable station

The removable station can be disassembled and transferred in a short time. The site is fixed during the operation, and it can be moved after the operation. The removable stations are divided into the following types: portable removable station, vehicle-mounted removable station, etc. 

③ Mobile station

The site is flexible and changeable during the operation and it can be divided into the following types: ship-borne, air-borne and vehicle-mounted mobile stations.

2. Classification by transmission signal form

① Analog station

The analog station transmits analog signals, such as analog telephone communication, analog TV image signal lamp.

② Digital station

The digital station mainly transmits digital signals, such as digital telephone communication, digital signal, etc.

3. Classification by purpose

① Satellite broadcasting service station

Satellite broadcasting service stations are used for sending and receiving voice broadcasting and TV signals.

② Civil communication station

Civil communication stations include public stations and dedicated stations, which are mainly used for the transmission of telephones, telegraphs, data, graphic reports, and intelligence.

③ Meteorological Satellite Communication Station

Meteorological satellite communication stations are used for national or regional meteorological satellites and the evolution trend of the earth to provide meteorological services.

④ Military communication station

Military communication satellite stations include strategic communication stations, tactical communication stations, etc.

⑤ Satellite monitoring station

Satellite monitoring stations are also called tracking, telemetry, and command stations, which are used for satellite launch, orbit entry, and also the monitoring, correction, and management of orbit parameters.

(Translated from Technology of Satellite Communication Earth Station on Space Tracking Ship published by POSTS & TELECOM PRESS)