Development and Application of Microwave Technology - Part I

- Sep 01, 2020-

In view of the increasingly important role of microwave technology in modern society, we will introduce the development and application of microwave technology in four times.

1. Brief introduction to microwave

2. Characteristics of microwave (I)

3. Characteristics of microwave (II)

4. Application of microwave technology

1. Brief introduction to microwave

Microwave is an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength of 1 mm ~ 1 000 mm and a frequency of 300 MHz ~ 3,000 GHz. 

Compared with long wave, medium wave and short wave, its wavelength is much smaller than theirs, so it is called microwave. It is the general name of decimeter wave, centimeter wave, millimeter wave and sub-millimeter wave. The frequency of microwave is higher than that of ordinary radio wave, which is also called "ultra-high frequency electromagnetic wave". As an electromagnetic wave, microwave has wave-particle duality.

Microwave has been studying and applying continuously since it was discovered by human beings. At the end of the 19th century, many characteristics of UHF have been known. Hertz obtained microwave signal by spark oscillation and studied it, which confirmed the existence of electromagnetic wave, a prediction of Maxwell. In the early 20th century, the research of microwave technology made some progress, which confirmed another prediction of Maxwell that electromagnetic wave can be transmitted in hollow metal tube. 

In the World War II, the application of microwave technology became a hot topic, which promoted the development of microwave technology. The successful transmission of electromagnetic wave in the waveguide provided an effective way of energy transmission, which made the microwave vacuum oscillator and microwave devices develop rapidly. In 1943, the first microwave radar was manufactured with a wavelength of 10 cm. During the World War II, there was an urgent need for high-resolution radar which could detect and locate enemy aircraft and ships, which greatly promoted the development of microwave technology. 

After the World War II, microwave technology further developed rapidly, not only formed the systematic microwave technology transmission theory, but also the application field of microwave technology was more diverse, broad, and constantly improved.

(Translated from Elecfans Forum)

(To be continued)