Emergency Communication

- Oct 16, 2020-

At present , the ground communication is very developed ,but  there are still many areas that can not be covered, such as desert, Gobi, grassland, hilly and plateau unoccupied areas, temporary large-scale activities, earthquake, fire, flood, landslide and other disaster sites, without communication facilities or the original communication facilities have been destroyed and unable to work. Because of the short use time, from several hours to several days, it is impossible to deploy a fixed ground wired network. The problem of temporary communication on the spot is very prominent, especially the construction of temporary fast communication network on the spot is very urgent. Under this circumstance of  using satellite communication and microwave communication, the emergency platform mainly carries out real-time upload of scene image and sound, real-time reporting of scene events, on-site emergency command and dispatch. In response to this scenario, the services provided by each functional module of mobile emergency platform are as follows:

Data communication
Audio-video image collection
Voice Communication Guarantee (Voice Scheduling System)
Site situation report, instruction upload and delivery