Functions of Antenna

- Jul 02, 2020-

A set of communication equipment is generally composed of power supply, signal processing equipment, antenna, feed and other equipment. Antenna is an indispensable part of radio communication equipment.

Basically, in radio communication equipment, the antenna has the following three functions.

1. It can perform the transformation between the alternating circuit electric energy and space electromagnetic wave energy.

2. It can transmit and receive signals according to the required working frequency, polarization and direction.

3. The transmitting power and the receiving power can be "amplified" equally.

Consequently, it is extremely important to design and manufacture a radio antenna with excellent performance. For a complete set of radio communication equipment, if the antenna is not good enough, the effective communication will not be possible no matter how good the other parts are.

People get used to call the size or attitude of satellite communication station according to the aperture of antenna, such as "30m station", "10m station", "5m station", etc. This is because the antenna plays an important role in satellite communication earth station.

1.The antenna aperture of satellite communication station basically reflects the working capacity of the station.

2.The development of satellite communication is closely related to the development of antenna technology.

3.The cost of antenna feed system accounts for a considerable proportion of the cost of the whole satellite communication earth station. Maximally, it can reach up to one third of the whole cost.

(Translated from Technology of Satellite Communication Earth Station on Space Tracking Ship published by POSTS & TELECOM PRESS)