Introduction of the antenna and servo & tracking subsystem

- Jun 19, 2020-

The antenna and servo & tracking subsystem of an earth station consists of the antenna, the feeder, the driving mechanism and the tracking device, and it is used to realize the high-precision tracking of satellite and the transmitting and receiving functions of wireless signal. In order to achieve normal communication, the antenna beam should always be aimed at the satellite. For the fixed station antenna with small aperture (such as Ku band antenna with aperture less than 4.5m), the tracking device is generally not required, because the beam is wide, but the antenna needs to be regularly calibrated; for the fixed station antenna with large aperture, the tracking device is usually used to make the antenna continuously aim at the satellite because the beam is relatively narrow; for the earth station (such as airborne, shipborne and vehicular) loaded on the moving platform or the earth station using non geosynchronous orbit satellite for communication, due to the relative motion between the satellite and the earth, the tracking device must be added to the antenna to ensure the real-time tracking of the satellite.

(Translated from Satellite Communication published by BEIJING INSTITUE OF TECHNOLOGY PRESS)