Introduction to calibration station

- Jun 15, 2020-

The calibration station is a ground calibration system built to ensure the normal operation of the communication satellites, to provide calibration services for the pointing accuracy of satellite transponders to ground through regular calibration. 


The calibration station includes antenna feeder, signal processing, power amplifier, remote communication and monitoring, system power supply, and lightning protection grounding sub-systems. 


  • The function of completing Ka satellite downlink beacon signal reception and accurate satellite alignment

  • The function of completing Ka satellite uplink calibration signal transmission

  • The function of local control and remote monitoring, fault local and remote automatic alarm

  • The function of collecting and recording the important data, fault information and video information

  • Ground public network communication mode,to ensure data transmission security

  • Multiple power supply methods, to ensure power quality and power supply security 

  • Measures to prevent lightning, rain and snow,and sand control 

  • Technical measures and means for environmental temperature control and safety protection