Introduction to Ka frequency band user terminal station

- Jun 29, 2020-

Our Ka terminal station mainly completes the terminal communication function, so as to achieve that multiple terminals perform one-hop communication through the satellite. 


Our Ka terminal station is mainly composed of the antenna feed, RF channel, and turntable bracket  subsystems, input/output multiplexer, etc. 


  • The function of reception and transmission of Ka satellite radio frequency signal 

  • The function of reception demodulation and signal modulation of Ka satellite

  • The function of automatic tracking satellite

  • The function of accessing voice and video services

Main Technical Parameters 

Transmitting frequency: 27.5 - 30GHz

Receiving frequency: 17.7 - 20.5GHz

Gateway station EIRP: ≥ 62dBw

G/T: ≥ 26dB/K  

Antenna aperture:  ≥2.5m