Key Technologies Needed by Smart City(II)

- Jun 10, 2020-


3. Mobile terminals

Mobile terminals refer to the computer equipment that can be used in mobile. Modern mobile terminal has a very powerful processing capacity, memory, solidified storage media and an operating system. It is a complete subminiature computer system, which can complete complex processing tasks.

The intelligent mobile terminals used in the construction of smart city mainly include: sensor terminal, ID card reading terminal, GPS terminal, mobile phone, tablet computer, mobile POS equipment, etc, "Intelligence" is mainly reflected in powerful hardware, open operating system platform and abundant applications. The support of intelligent terminal for various applications of smart city also reflects the development level of smart city.

4. Applications’ integration

The construction of smart city involves many fields of information construction. Among them, the construction of application service system is an important part of smart city. In the construction of application service system, a large number of public service resources need to be combed, designed, managed and maintained, as well as to promote the interconnection of information resources at the level of information resource integration and service exchange system, etc., and technologies related to service-oriented architecture (SOA) are needed.

(Translated from academic forum of smart city)