Overview of Satellite Ground Application (II)-------Introduction of gateway station

- May 15, 2020-

The satellite communication gateway station provides satellite communication network access services for various types of satellite terminals as mentioned before.The following is the components and functions of our gateway stations.


The satellite communication gateway includes antenna, radio frequency, forward and return links, network management center, baseband equipment, and carrier monitor subsystems. 


  • Support multiple aperture (3 - 15m) and multiple forms of antennas

  • Be compatible with multi-band (S/C/X/Ku/Ka) feed networks

  • Have the functions of forward link and return link automatic power control to ensure communication quality under severe weather conditions

  • Have the ability to remotely monitor and control computers across the entire network of satellite transponders, satellite communication links, and station equipment 

  • Be equipped with the ability to conduct frequency spectrum inspection and management of the entire network

  • Be provided with measures to prevent lightning, rain and snow, and sand control