Satellite antennas related scientific introduction

- Jan 23, 2019-

Satellite antenna is a kind of common communication equipment in our daily life. There are also antennas in the mysterious space above us. These antennas are mainly mounted on satellites, spacecraft and other spacecrafts, used for two-way information transmission between spacecrafts and the ground.

Satellites are tens of thousands of kilometers or even hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from the ground, and all kinds of communication with the ground are achieved through electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic wave through interplanetary space is subject to the loss; in order to let the satellite clearly hear the instructions of the ground, clearly send back the information to the satellite, the developers installed an antenna to the satellite. It can be said that the antenna is the "well-informed part" or "loudspeaker" of the satellite. Antenna has become an indispensable part of any spacecraft. Spacecraft antenna affects and restricts the performance and function of the whole wireless communication system and even the whole spacecraft. 

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