Satellite communication system brief introduction

- Feb 25, 2020-

  Satellite communication system can be composed of central network management station, secondary node station, vehicular/ship-borne/airborne mobile communication station, remote fixed station, portable mobile station, etc. It can achieve global three-dimensional coverage. The system supports high-speed and two-way audio, video and data transmission. It can be used for Intranet application in enterprises, and  it can also provide network operation as operation platform as  its requirements .

Satellite communication, microwave communication, mobile multimedia and vehicle modification are used to construct a multi-means and multi-service mobile communication platform to collect and process real-time on-site information of various service ,

   By resources the real-time bidirectional transmission of image, voice and data can be realized between the emergency communication vehicle and headquarters, provinces and municipalities reasonable links between voice network, integrated video network, social public network and other communication resources to meet the requirements of public security emergency communication.