Ship-borne Satellite Communication Solution

- May 18, 2020-

About the ship-borne satellite communication solution we can provide:

  • Profile

  • Providing video monitoring through satellite transmission, and enabling users to watch the

    real-time monitoring video by mobile phone and computer on the board at anytime, meanwhile

    providing fleet data monitoring service and acquiring ship status

  • Providing overall solution of VSAT satellite communication service, intranet access service between ship and land enterprises, VSAT satellite Internet service, IP voice call service, ship data monitoring service, network security management service

  • Features

  • Business management ability improvement: high speed broadband access, communication cost

    reduction and communication efficiency improvement

  • Easy networking and expandable services: customized value-added services for customers, such

    as video return, video conference, telemedicine, etc.

  • Flexible choice of tariff package

  • Appliations

  • Widely used in domestic and foreign large shipbuilding enterprises, ship management companies,applicable to all kinds of ships such as cargo, international cruise and dangerous chemicals ships,etc.