Smart City and 5G ( II )

- Feb 07, 2019-

5G technology meets the growing demands of Smart City.

In addition to the above social benefits, 5G can also directly promote the process of Smart City’s construction. 5G means faster application response and wider equipment connection, such as Smart Grid, Smart Transportation and Smart Security.

Smart Grid is one of the most important solutions for Smart City based on 5G. It is estimated that the related overall benefits will reach 2 trillion US dollars in the next 20 years.

Smart Grid based on 5G can help better detect energy consumption, predict demand, support load balancing, reduce peak power consumption, power outage and maintenance time, thereby reducing energy costs, improving energy transmission and utilization efficiency, enhancing the security, reliability and flexibility of grid operation and realizing bidirectional interaction between grid and users.

Smart Transportation based on 5G will be more interactive, which can improve community traffic efficiency and reduce the occurrence of congestion. 5G is expected to reduce fuel consumption by 25% for vehicle networking in smart cities.

For public transport, 5G-based Smart transportation can help reduce passenger waiting time, optimize bus inventory, provide real-time updated passenger information, vehicle information, and even support dynamic bus routes. Information exchange of vehicles, street lights and other equipment can help realize Smart Parking, avoid congestion and idle parking spaces, and increase parking revenue by 27%.

Public security is an important part of Smart City. The driving force behind this innovation lies in controllable wireless connections.

5G real-time surveillance helps police and the public improve crisis response time.

(Translated from ZhiChengShiHuiShengGuo WeChat APP)