Smart City and Big Data

- Aug 23, 2019-

Internet of Things (IoT) technology is the main foundation of smart city. The architecture of smart city is composed of application layer, perception layer, platform layer and transmission layer, which is very similar to the architecture of IoT. The concept of smart city corresponds to digital city. The most prominent difference between the two is that smart city handles the information grasped by the perception layer, so in a sense, the upgraded digital city is smart city. With the development of city from digitalization to intellectualization, intellectualization of digital information becomes the key, while the core of smart city is the successful introduction of big data processing technology. Smart city system identification, perception, recognition and information collection of the real world, will produce huge amount of information.

Processing massive data not only meets the requirement of intellectualization, but also protects IT investment better.

There are a large number of different types of data in the database. Through the analysis, organization and decision-making of these information, useful reference can be provided to decision-makers based on the results of data processing. As far as smart traffic is concerned, traffic flow monitoring has been achieved at this stage to dynamically adjust the interval time between traffic lights, which can effectively alleviate congestion. At the same time, the optimized traffic routes can be provided to drivers to effectively avoid road congestion.

Obviously, the emergence of big data technology is the inevitable result of dealing with massive data under the background of smart city.

The construction of smart city promotes the explosive growth of data. In many fields of smart city construction, big data is spread like blood in the fields of smart medical treatment, smart transportation and smart life. Urban management has changed the previous model of "empirical governance" into the model of "scientific governance".

(Translated from ZhiChengShiHuiShengHuo WeChat APP)