Smart City and Innovation 2.0

- Dec 26, 2018-

Smart City refers to the use of various information technologies or innovative ideas to integrate the urban composition system and services in order to improve the efficiency of resource utilization, to optimize urban management and services and to improve the quality of life of citizens. 

Smart City makes full use of the new generation of information technology in every trade in the city and realizes the deep integration of informatization, industrialization and urbanization based on the advanced form of urban informatization of the next generation innovation (Innovation 2.0) of knowledge society.

Smart City will help alleviate the "big city disease", improve the quality of urbanization, achieve fine and dynamic management, and enhance the effectiveness of urban management and improve the people's quality of life. 

From the perspective of technological development, Smart City realizes comprehensive perception, ubiquitous networking, ubiquitous computing and integration application through the new generation of information technology applications such as Internet of Things and cloud computing. 

From the perspective of social development, Smart City realizes sustainable innovation in the knowledge-based society characterized by user innovation, open innovation, mass innovation and collaborative innovation through the application of tools and methods such as wiki, social network, fab lab, living lab and comprehensive integration method. It emphasizes that comprehensive sustainable development of economy, society and environment can be realized through value creation and human-oriented thought.