Solution of Satellite Communication System

- Mar 14, 2020-

1.Provide a satellite communication system of ultra-long-distance communication for policy ,army ,ship of emergency departments ,vehicles, armoured aircraft and reconnaissance aircraft and so on , which cover the whole country even the whole world .     

2.Provide the satellite communication in motion as mobile carrier for Freight, maritime, emergency and disaster relief, battlefield survey, reconnaissance, troop mobilization, drilling, counter-terrorism rescue. 

3.Airmobile or individual communications services 

4.Provide command, control, communication and information transmission. 

5.Provide regional communications, including mobile communications for aircraft, ships, vehicles, units and individual soldiers 

6.Provide real-time data, image and voice transmission for command center and front site

7.Command Center, vehicle Satellite communication System, airborne satellite communication system and Ship Satellite Communication System