Space Star fly-away antennas

- Jan 15, 2019-

The Satellite antenna system of our fly-away antenna (0.8m ,1.0m,1.8m 2.4m ) is specially designed for high data transmission rate. It consists of state-of-art carbon fiber antenna dish and compacted chassis that allows the quality of being light enough to be carried. The three axis (AZ, EL, and POL) servo system promises full auto field deployment. One-button control design to easy one-man operation and precludes the requirement for professional personnel or ancillary equipment. A PC-based system  can be used for more in-depth configuration over wire or wireless means. The critical Gregorian dual offset elliptical antenna and feed system innovative technology achieves high gain, low side lobes, excellent cross-POL discrimination and high Tx/Rx isolation. Our product rigorously tested under bad environmental conditions. The result is perfect .