The general introduction of satellite antenna

- Mar 11, 2020-

Generally speaking, the larger the antenna aperture, the stronger the program signal and the higher the reception quality.

However, considering the cost, installation and other factors, users always require the smaller the antenna aperture. For example, only a 1.5m or smaller satellite  antenna is needed for the C-band domestic digital program on the 3S in Asia to receive high-quality images and sound. For Ku band programs, a live satellite like Korean satellite only needs a 0.6m or even 0.35M Central Satellite deflection antenna. but some antennas of different brands and the same size are not competent. The reason is that the quality and accuracy of the antenna are not high, resulting in low efficiency and low gain. 

Therefore, when choosing satellite antenna, we must choose , which is a famous brand with reliable quality, excellent technology and high precision. A high-quality satellite antenna requires high precision, corrosion-resistant surface, strong wind resistance, high efficiency, high gain and durability. among the enthusiasts and many users.