Our vehicle-mounted satellite communication antenna

- Aug 06, 2019-

Our vehicle-mounted  satellite communication antenna is a high-performance satellite communication antenna point to requirements of emergency mobile broadband communication, high gain and low feeder loss are achieved within limited altitude ,though shape design of antenna surface and the optimization design of RF feeder system , The antenna adopts a hybrid tracking method combining gyro inertial navigation measurement and closed-loop beacon tracking. It has the advantages of fast occlusion recovery and high tracking accuracy. It adapts to the tracking requirements of rapid changes in body attitude, and features of the whole system are high integration, small size, easy installation .The antenna ensures that the vehicle does not lose signals in high-speed, sharp turning and bumpy road conditions. 

All operations can be completed automatically without the intervention of external personnel, and the automatic initial alignment of satellites can be completed in motion or at rest. The antenna is suitable for all communication satellites at home and abroad.