Why Smart City Is Needed

- Apr 26, 2020-

Smart city is the next generation of innovative urban information form, which makes full use of the new generation of information technology in all walks of life of the city. Based on the Internet of things (IoT), cloud computing and other new generation information technologies combined with Internet, telecommunication network, radio and television network and wireless broadband network, Smart City comprehensively and flexibly realizes the interconnection ability, comprehensive perception ability and information utilization ability of things, things and people, and people to people, so as to realize the fine and dynamic management of various fields of social production and life, and build a new urban development models with smart technology, smart industry, smart humanity, smart service, smart management, smart residing.

The core of smart city is to drive urban governance through data, which means to realize information sharing and collaboration among different sectors and systems in the city, to make more rational use of resources, to make better urban development and management decisions, to predict and respond to emergencies and disasters in time.

With the rapid development of urban economy, there are more and more problems in the city. The difficulty of urban safety supervision; public hygiene problems such as food safety incidents, water pollution incidents and epidemic outbreaks; natural disasters and social events such as earthquakes, dam breaks and serious violent crimes; public infrastructure and basic services such as transportation, medical treatment and employment, all of which seriously affect the life safety and quality of life of urban residents, thus leading to that all kinds of core systems in the city have been overwhelmed and nearly collapsed.

Smart city provides an innovative way of thinking to accelerate urban development. Through the construction of smart city, we can promote the innovation of urban production, life and management, solve the problems faced in the process of urban development, enhance the value of government services, create industrial economic value, reflect the social value of people's livelihood, and finally achieve the goal of "strengthening the government, promoting industry and benefiting the people".

(Translated from academic forum of smart city)