Low Passive-Intermodulation Contactless Waveguide Adapter

Low Passive-Intermodulation Contactless Waveguide Adapter

These kinds of low PIM waveguide adapter are designed to achieve fast and convenient low PIM connection of waveguide components and systems, which is suitable for any kinds of microwave systems with standard input or output waveguide ports.
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Product Details

1. Product Introduction

This range of products is novel low PIM waveguide flange adapter, which is designed for low PIM connection of waveguide devices and systems. The adapter can be customized due to different ports or different frequency band and can be used in many kinds of low PIM devices and systems.

2. Product Parameters (specifications)

Frequency band: 10GHz~15GHz (prototype). Frequency band is customizable (from X to Ka band)

Insertion loss: <0.03dB (typical).

Return loss: <-25dB (typical).

Power capacity: >500W (typical).

PIM suppression: better than 30dB (typical).

3. Product features and applications

 Convenient and fast connection

 Stable low PIM performance

 Wide band

 Customized design

 Low cost

 Suitable for various kinds of high power and low PIM devices and systems

4. Product details

This range of products is designed based on double-sided contactless structure, making a kind of wideband “adapter” structure. Thus, low PIM waveguide connection can be easily achieved without any structure change of the waveguide

flange. When the adapter is fixed between waveguide flanges, the PIM of waveguide flange can be significantly suppressed with little deterioration of transmission performance. Furthermore, these kinds of adapter have no special requirements of materials and connecting pressure, simplifying the surface treatment and assembly process.

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