Satellite Ad Hoc Network Terminal

Satellite Ad Hoc Network Terminal

Reliable Self-Organized Space network among Satellites
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Product Details

1.Product features and applications

Provide highly reliable networked communication service between satellites

Network self-organization is established to support different to pologies such as star, tree and  MeshWork  autonomously in orbit without ground control

Communication rates are independently selected according to link quality between satellites

It can be applied to multiple satellite formations or constellations

2.Project qualification

S frequency bands

CAN TC/TM interface

RS422 data interface

+28V or +42V Power Bus interface

Radiation protected

Internal redundancy

3.Product Parameters (specifications) 



Network node size supported

8 (extensible)

Topologies supported

Star, tree and Mesh 

Communication distance supported

Up to 1300km

Data rates supported

1kbps to 128kbps

Thermal environment

-30/ +65 °C

Design life

> 3 years

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