Spaceborne Muti-mode Modem

Spaceborne Muti-mode Modem

The uplink signals are demodulated, decoded(LDPC) and deframed, then reframed, recoded and modulated, retransmitted as a stream TDM.
Application : Broadband Interactive communication satellite.
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Product Details

1.Main features 

  • Modular design, configure the scale according to the demand

  • Support continues and burst mode

  • Signal carrier or muti-carrier are flexible configuration

  • The rate of muti-carrier adaptive variable

  • Support software reconfiguration

  • Support muti-channels parallel processing

2.Project Description

  • C、Ku or Ka I/O frequency bands

  • RS422 TC/TM interface or Low Speed Serial Bus

  • 100V Power Bus interface

  • Radiation protected

  • Internal redundancy

3.Main Technical Performance 



Access mode

MF-TDMA(Uplink) / V-TDM(Downlink)

Nº of Carriers

Up to 128

Data rates supported

2-155Mbps(Uplink) / 2-300Mbps(Downlink)

BER performances

< 10e-7@4.5 dB Eb/No

Modulation mode


Signal error correction


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