Satellite-based ADS-B Receiver

Satellite-based ADS-B Receiver

Satellite-based ADS-B receiver can receive signals of aircraft and acquire the information about position, route and speed of the aircraft, it is useful for air traffic management, and can be applied to the real-time surveillance.
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Product Details

1.Product Introduction 

Satellite-based ADS-B receiver can receive Mode S 1090 ES ADS-B signal from aircraft. It can achieve aircraft flight information by processing ADS-B signal and can be used for air traffic management.

2.Product Parameters (specifications) 



Data link standard


Receiver frequency


Dynamic range


Frequecy offset range




3.Product features and applications

It supports software updating on orbit and can control the amount of downlink data as required. Its receiving sensitivity reach -100dBm@10%PER. It can be widely used in aviation surveillance by constructing a low-orbit satellite constellation.

4.Product details

Satellite-based ADS-B receiver can receive and process low SNR signal. It has the characteristics of light weight, low power and small size.

5.Product qualification

The product has been applied in orbit successfully.

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