The Grid Integrated Governance System Project Passed The Acceptance Review Successfully

- Dec 10, 2019-

On December 6, 2019, the political and Legal Work Department of Xixian new area organized experts to hold the Acceptance Review Meeting of "grid integrated governance system project of Xixian New Area" .

At the review meeting, the project team of our company made a detailed report on the construction content of the project system, and demonstrated the operation of the system platform and App. The political and legal work department and the review team shall review the integrity, rationality and compliance of the system construction. It is considered that our company has completed the development and construction of the system and agreed to pass the review.

The construction of this project started from the winning of the bid in December 2018 and began to be put into trial operation in June 2019. During the trial operation, the project team went deep into the new area and five new cities to provide many times of perfect training for relevant staff, and during the trial operation, the event handling efficiency of Xixian new area increased by 38% and 84.39% respectively, which played a great role in the comprehensive management of Xixian NEW area.

In the future, Xi'an Space Star Technology (Group) Co.,Ltd. will continue to carry forward the aerospace spirit, adhere to the advantages of aerospace brand, adhere to the focus and practical work, and strive to make new breakthroughs in the industry.

(Translated from Xi'an Space Star Technology (Group) Co.,Ltd. APP)