4.5 Meter X /S Band Satellite Antenna

4.5 Meter X /S Band Satellite Antenna

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The 4.5 meter remote sensing antenna adopts proven high performance and high reliability measures, it has multiple bands to operate such as the X band, S band and Ka band. The antenna base adopts a planetary gear reduction mechanism to improve the accuracy; the servo uses AC drive instead of DC drive to improve reliability and reduce maintenance; Precision gyro extends the life of the equipment; communication between the extensions via the CAN bus reduces the number of cables and improves reliability. 

Our remote sensing antenna have a mechanical search capability and signal tracking function for the target signal airspace, it also has the ability to receive and transmit signals to X-band satellites, more over, it can receive ship platform information, alarm information and pointing information distributed by the host computer through the network.When the antenna is aimed at the target, the downstream signal is reflected and focused to the feed corrugated horn. The signal is transmitted to the X receiving channel via the feed network for signal detection.


● Applicable,reliable,advanced, economical

● Perfect human-computer interaction function;

● Accept customization

Antenna Diameter:4.5 meter* (Can be customize)

Antenna form:

parabolic antenna

Antenna seat form:

azimuth-tilt-cross three-axis type;


X-band: 7.9 GHz to 8.9 GHz.

Polarized form

X-band: left-handed, right-handed circular polarization switching.

Gain (without radome)

G ≥ 49 + 20 Lg (f / 8) dBi.

Antenna system noise temperature

 (10 ° elevation, excluding radome) 


Radome insertion loss:

 ≤ 0.5dB;

Port standing wave 

X band: VSWR ≤ 1.5:1.

j) Line motion range

Azimuth: ±330°

Elevation -12 ° ~ 90 °

Polarization: ±13°

maximum speed of antenna motion: 10 (°) / s;

Maximum acceleration of antenna motion: 10 (°) / s2;

Tracking mode:

automatic tracking (single pulse), preset (program, pointing) and manual (the antenna speed is continuously adjustable during manual search) 

Target capture mode:

automatic and manual;

Angle tracking accuracy:

X-band (7.9 GHz to 8.9 GHz): ≤ 1/10 half power beamwidth (R.M.S).

Salt Spray

All equipment should have strong resistance to salt spray.

 working temperature


Outboard equipment: -25 ° C ~ +55 ° C;

Equipment subject to direct sunlight, temperatures up to +65 ° C;

In-cabin equipment: +5 ° C ~ +35 ° C.

storage temperature


In-cabin equipment: low temperature storage -45 °  C (inboard computer -25 ° C), high temperature storage +70 ° C;

Off-board equipment: low temperature storage -55 °  C, high temperature storage +70 ° C.

damp heat


In-cabin equipment: 93% (30 ° C);

Computer equipment included: 80% (30 ° C);

Outboard equipment: 98% (40 ° C).


● Through the remote sensing antenna control system , the rotation of the antenna frame is controlled, the tracking of the medium and low-orbit satellites is realized, and the S-band and X-band downlink signals transmitted by the satellite are received.

● It has the ability to send S-band measurement and control signals to satellites. Provide assistance for marine exploration, agricultural monitoring, environmental monitoring and other aspects.

Service : 

We provide the whole package of design, production, installation and training service to our customers.With strong strength, we can guarantee delivery within three months once the order is placed.

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