Fixed Remote Sensing Ground Station

Fixed Remote Sensing Ground Station

Functions of planning, remote command betting, data transmission, pre-processing, data management and service distribution
Adaptable according to users, flexible and unified interface to support external application import or application result export
The size of antenna and the software can be customized
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The fixed ground station is mainly undertakes the functions of tracking, receiving, demodulating, processing, recording and storing, fast-view, product production, application service, storage and release, telemetry and remote control of satellite data. This ground station for remote sensing satellite has characteristics such as universality, multi-statellite compatibility, and large bandwidth, high processing performance,etc. The fixed ground station can be used to accept users and external requests and tasks, remotely control satellites, not only receive and process remote sensing data in the form of dedicated line or self-receiving, realize industry-specific applications and services, but also can conduct quality evaluation, storage, management and push all datas to users fastly.

The fixed ground station for remote sensing satellite has technical characteristics as following:

● Ability to receive, process, remote command preparation and transmission of telemetry data;

● Multi-station and multi-statellite mission of planning and management capabilities;

● Automatically tracking and capturing satellites, receiving and demodulating remote sensing image data transmitted by satellites;

● Performing frame synchronization, formatting processing, and decompression processing on remote sensing images;

● Record satellite remote sensing data in real time and perform quick-view, cataloging and browsing real-time recorded data;

● Production of various levels of products such as radar, optics, etc. received;

● Unified online, near-line and offline storage and management of data at all levels;

● Calculate and display satellite orbits based on satellite orbital parameters;

● The system has multi-source information application service capabilities;

● With system calibration, its own rapid positioning and basic testing capabilities;

● With system-wide automatic monitoring and management functions;


Antenna diameter

From 4.5m to 13m in stock, also can be customize


X/S band;

System G/T value: X-band >35dB/K, S-band >25dB/K

Data receiving

With X-band 2 x 1.5Gbps receiving capability and S-band measurement and control capabilities

System error rate

Visible light better than 1x10-7, SAR, electron better than 1x10-6

Task scheduling mode

Schedule, event triggered, manual scheduling

Data decompression

2 x 1.5Gbps real-time deformatting decompression

Product production

Optical, SAR load data multi-level product production function; visible light, multi-spectral and other load standard products provide display of fusion mosaic products


● Provide data receiving methods including private line connection and self-receiving, covering all-link products and service capabilities of remote sensing data from data receiving, pre-processing, application services and operation integration.

● Software design features flexible which is convenient for users to increase their subsequent requirements.

● Task planning, data preprocessing, data storage and management platforms all have independent intellectual property rights, and truly achieve top-level design and overall planning in the project demonstration stage and implementation stage, which facilitates process control and quality management during project implementation.


● Can be applied in various industries such as agriculture, forestry, geological observation, urban management, etc.


We provide the whole package of design, production, installation and training service to our customers.With strong strength, we can guarantee delivery within three months.

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