1.8m SNG Antennas

1.8m SNG Antennas

Easy operation
Satellite acquisition within 3 minutes
Easy installation
Perfect antenna performance
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The 1.8m SNG antenna can carry out the real-time communication with the satellite only under static state. With the utility models, simple structure, rational design and high wind loading rating, the antenna shows its advantages in fast running speed and high running precision. Therefore, it can transmit the real-time data and provide the reliable communication service to customers.


Antenna Aperture


Operation Frequency

Ku-Band 2-Port Linear

C-Band 2-Port Linear

C-Band 2-Port Circular


10.95 ~ 12.75

5.85 ~ 6.725

5.85 ~ 6.425


10.95 ~ 12.75

3.4 ~ 4.2

3.625 ~ 4.2



Tx: ≥46.5

Tx: ≥39.2

Tx: ≥39


Rx: ≥45

Rx: ≥35.3

Rx: ≥35.2

Cross Polarization



Tx≥18.3; Rx≥15.3

Feed Interface


Tx: CPR137G; Rx: CPR229G





TX/RX Isolation

Tx>85dB; Rx>40dB


First Side Lobe Level≤-14dB


29-25 lg(θ) dBi    1°≤θ≤20°

-3.5dBi         20°<θ≤26.3°

32-25 lg(θ) dBi    26.3°<θ≤48°

-10dBi         48°<θ

Method Of Aim Satellite

Beacon or DVB


● One-key automatic satellite tracking and three-axle linkage features rapid spread, collection and satellite tracking; the tracking time is less than 3 minutes; the non-professional operator can quickly master the technique;

● With the compact structural design, good-looking appearance, small size, and light weight, all electric components are integrated into electrical cabinets at the back of antenna; the external cable connection is greatly reduced;

●  It is compatible with multiple power and size amplifier; the integration of power source and control system makes the system simpler;

● The azimuth and elevation adopt the advanced clearance elimination technique; the antenna has pointing accuracy; its polarization adopts the step control, improving the polarization control accuracy; friendly human-computer interface;

●  Reserve the monitoring interface and software upgrade interface to realize the computer software field upgrading;

●  Manually adjust the azimuth and pitching polarization to realize manual satellite tracking.

Applications : 

●  It  has been widely used in telecommunications, finance, hospitals as an emergency response.

●  It also can be used for field military operations, as 1.8m SNG antenna can be equipped with military vehicles.

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