2.4m SNG Antennas

2.4m SNG Antennas

Small size
Light weight
High reliability
Simple operation
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The 2.4m SNG antenna under static state refers to a type of antenna capable of automatic satellite search in fixed location. It is able to establish the communication connection with satellite stations after having access to master network by the communication satellite in fixed location.

Main Parameters:

Antenna Diameter  


Antenna Type


Receiving Working Frequency

3.4 ~ 4.2GHz

Transmit Working Frequency

5.85 ~ 6.725GHz



41.2+20lg (f/6.25)


37.2+20lg (f/3.8)

Power Capacity


Polarization Characteristic


Cross Polarization


Tx/Rx Isolation

Tx>85dB; Rx>40dB  



Tracking Precision

Superior to 1/10 Beam Width

Azimuth Rotation Range


Elevation Rotation Range

10° ~ +85°

Polarization Rotation Range




Wind Speed

20m/s (Steady State); 27m/s (Gust State)

Supply Voltage

200V AC 50/60HZ

Operating Temperature

﹣20°C ~ +55°C





●  It can be installed on the top of commercial vehicle, off-road vehicle, SUV, MPV and military shelter without penetrating through the roof;

● With excellent reliability, maintainability and environmental adaptation, it is applicable to field use and urban working condition;

●  It is easy to be calibrated during the initial installation, with the high accuracy in calibration;

●  Its degree of automation reaches the international advanced level. The product is equipped with the “single-key satellite tracking” function. The operator can easily use the antenna;

●  Its configured GPS has the high precision and the electronic compass has high anti-interference ability, which guarantees the environmental adaptation of satellite tracking and the precision of satellite tracking function. The antenna can automatically track satellite if the vehicle is in safe parking location and without being covered;

● The antenna’s automatic satellite tracking time shall not exceed two minutes and forty seconds (the typical value);

●  The antenna controller provides multiple parameters information and friendly human-computer interface;

● The antenna feed source arm is applicable to installing BUC/LNB;

●  2.4m SNG antenna equipped with multiple protection functions, such as automatic alarm, mechanical position limitation and software position limitation, therefore, the antenna can operate more safely.

Applications : 

●  It can be equipped with vehicle used for emergency meteorological command.

●  It can be equipped with vehicle used for transmitting the earthquake information.

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