6.2m Ultra-Portable Rib Deployable Vehicle Antennas

6.2m Ultra-Portable Rib Deployable Vehicle Antennas

Strong maneuverability
Excellent concealment
Fast response
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Product Details

6.2M ultra-portable rib deployable satellite earth station antenna is a new style mobile station antenna with smaller collection dimension, motor rapid deployable speed, less vehicle quantity, less preparation time and higher data processing equipments comparing with the traditional same diameter mobile station antenna which makes the possibility of one station. At present, Shaanxi Academy of Aerospace Technology Application Co., Ltd. (SATA for short) has already developed 6.2m, 4.2m and 2.4m diameter antennas, covering various frequencies form S band to Ka band.

Technical features and product advantages:

● Strong maneuverability: integrated design, use the integral lifting and ship by transport plane, vehicle, ships and warships.

● Excellent concealment: using a variety of carrier transport strong concealment.

● Fast response speed: antenna deployment can be finished within 20 minutes, then aim at satellite and work.

● High precision sensor applications: using differential GPS and high-precision inclinometer, it does not need repeated calibration and leveling.

● Aim to satellite with tracking precision: using three axis antenna mount, SPC or mono pulse tracking system. deal with all kinds of satellites in orbit.

● Automated operation

● High reliability: aerospace standard design, system is stable and reliable in work, serve reliably for a long time.

● Environmental suitability: special design, adapted to complex conditions and geographical environment.

● Maintainability: the master control system with the function of fault self-diagnosi, every component can be quickly repaired and replaced.

● Electromagnetic compatibility :meet GJB 151A-97.


Operating frequency, GHz

transmit:14.0~14.5GHz; receive:12.25~12.75GHz

Antenna type


Transmit gain


      Receive gain


Transmitted power

BUC Out power≥40W


Linear or circular

First sidelobe


Tracing accuracy


Drive mode

                 manual or motor

           XPD(on axis).dB


 Feed Insert loss






          Mount type

azimuth travel     elevation travel

 Antenna Pointing Range

EL:±90°(elevation over25°)



Drive the angular velocity

direction 0.01°/S~0.05°/S;elevation  0.01°/S~0.05°/S

Tracing type

program tracking or guide + step tracking


1 tonExcluding vehicle weight

Inside  cabin   

equipments  temperature

working temperature -20~+45℃;

storage temperature-50~+65

Outside  cabin  

equipments  temperature

working temperature-40~+55℃;

storage temperature-50~+65

wind-resistant performance

Stable working on 6 level wind,equipment is not damaged on 8 level wind.

Market scale:

 Mainly used in remote sensing satellite receiving and the measurement and control, unmanned aerial vehicle satellite communications, and other fields.

Applications :

Mainly applied in fields such as high-capacity emergency communication, remote sensing satellite high speed data transmission ground terminal, unmanned aerial vehicle measurements and control and control and large satellite –ground communication tests, etc.

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