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As an important provider of ground antenna, Shaanxi Academy of Aerospace Technology Application Co., Ltd. (SATA for short) can produce Ring focus, Cassegrain, Gregory type ground antenna according to customer`s different requirements. The ground antenna is convenient for installation, and its reflector and pedestal can be changed with a new one if it is necessary and the antenna has high precision re-installation performance. After studying factors of XPD, we take effective measures to reduce the antenna cross polarization level. All types of antennas have fine-adjusting device and all steel components as pedestal of antennas are spay-painted after adopting hot zinc spaying or hot zinc dipping technology to prevent zinc from volatilization, and all hardwares adopt stainless steel to ensure the antenna's 15 years minimum life expectancy.

Our company is specialized in providing high quality and cost-effective antennas for both the two-way Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) and big antennas used for gateway stations. We provide a wide variety of antennas such as 2.4m, 3.0m,3.7m, 4.5m, 5.3m, 6.2m, 7.3m, 9.0m, 11.3m, 13m, etc. 

3.0m ground station antenna

3. 0m ground station antenna

3.0m ground station antenna

4.5m ground station antenna

 6.2m ground station antenna

6.2m ground station antenna

Our antennas have been approved to access the network of Intelsat, Sinosat, and they can be used in wide fields such as government, radio and television, energy, emergency, etc. and have been exported to many countries like Italy, Russia, Turkey, Singapore, Ethiopia, etc.


Shaanxi Academy of Aerospace Technology Application Co., Ltd. (SATA for short) is a leading provider of integrated system solution and the most competitive manufacturer of satellite application products in satellite communication field. As a customer-oriented company, SATA commits itself to the development of integration system of satellite and ground, the development of satellite application products and data operation & service. Our company provides the optimal solutions on satellite ground station, satellite remote sensing, data processing & application platform, smart city, satellite application equipment, auxiliary products and other business sectors for various customers around the world. Since its foundation in 1996, SATA has been endeavoring to be an innovative company. We have obtained a large number of patents in key technologies of satellite communication. In order to provide the most reliable products for the customers, we have established the quality management system according to the international standard ISO9001. 

We offer our customers a better choice with our endeavor and expertise.

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