Satcom on-the-move (SOTM)

Satcom on-the-move (SOTM)

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SOTM is short for “Satcom on-the-move”. Through SOTM system, vehicles, ships, aircrafts and other mobile carriers can track the communication satellite in real time in the process of movement, and transmit voice, data, images and other multimedia information without interruption. It can meet the multimedia communication needs for a variety of military and civilian areas under the emergency communication and mobile condition. It is composed of the automatic tracking system and satellite communication system. The automatic tracking system is to ensure that the satellite transmits antenna points at the satellite accurately during vehicle movement; the satellite communication system is to uplink the collected information (such as TV signals) to the satellite, and downlink to ground satellite receivers by the transponder.

SOTM automatic tracking system measures the heading angle, attitude angle and the latitude and longitude of the carrier’s location by the integrated inertial navigation system in the initial static situation, and then according to these information, it automatically determines the antenna elevation angle and azimuth angle based on the horizontal plane, and makes the satellite antenna track geostationary satellites in real time through the servo control during carrier movement.

At present, SOTM has been widely used in public security fire control, regional security, armed police exercises, relief command and major events broadcast. 

Our SOTM  products have the following advantages:

1.Embedded inertial navigation technique with three -axis stabilization design ensures high accuracy positioning.

2. Adcanced splash plate feed technique, radio freqency performance satifisfies the access standard of mainstream satellite operating company.

3. Unlimited rotation of Azimuth, large motion scope of elevation, rolling and polarization which guarantees uninterrupted global sailing satellite link.

4. We provide STOM antennas with calibers such as 0.3m, 0.6m and 0.8m for the vehicle-borne type, 0.6m and 0.8m for the ship-borne type, and 0.45m for the air-borne type.

0.3m Vehicle-borne SOTM

0.3m Vehicle-borne SOTM

0.8m Ship-borne SOTM

0.8m Ship-borne SOTM

Shaanxi Academy of Aerospace Technology Application Co., Ltd. (SATA for short) is a leading provider of integrated system solution and the most competitive manufacturer of satellite application products in satellite communication field. As a customer-oriented company, SATA commits itself to the development of integration system of satellite and ground, the development of satellite application products and data operation & service. Our company provides the optimal solutions on satellite ground station, satellite remote sensing, data processing & application platform, smart city, satellite application equipment, auxiliary products and other business sectors for various customers around the world. Since its foundation in 1996, SATA has been endeavoring to be an innovative company. We have obtained a large number of patents in key technologies of satellite communication. In order to provide the most reliable products for the customers, we have established the quality management system according to the international standard ISO9001. 

We offer our customers a better choice with our endeavor and expertise.

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