Integration of Satellite & Ground-based System Solution

Integration of Satellite & Ground-based System Solution

Overall scheme design and the entire satellite developed
Solution for payload and intelligent detection system
Provide the whloe training system.
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Our company is the leader in domestic payload field,it is responsible for the development of most of the satellite ground system, which is represented by the Beidou, Gaofen, lunar exploration, manned spaceflight and deep space exploration. Relying on the advantages of satellite technology of CAST Xi’an, our company can provide customers with a complete integration system of satellite and ground solution. This satellite ground system is consists of the following sub-systems:

● Data transceiving subsystem: It mainly completes the pre-processing of satellite zero-level data, with single-pulse automatic tracking function and program tracking function.

● System operation management subsystem: Through the system monitoring equipment and remote control computer to realize the control and management of each equipment of the system, plan generation, task delivery, monitoring work status, fault alarm, reality and storage of various data. The user is very convenient to operate.

● Data processing subsystem: divided into satellite measurement and control data processing terminal and business data processing terminal,  according to user’s needs and requirements, is can provide functions of classification, extraction, analysis, processing satellite datas, etc.

● Due to the high comprehensive ability and advanced technology of our company, the cost of completing the satellite ground system is reazonable, which is suitable for various industries. 


● Make full use of space resources such as navigation satellites (time and space), remote \

● All equipments and software of earth station accept customization.


Provide accurate, continuous, and reliable information services to defense and environment industry

Service : 

We provide the whole package of design, production, installation and training service to our customers.With strong strength, we can guarantee delivery within three months once the order is placed.

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