Remote Sensing Platform

Remote Sensing Platform

Automatically process satallite datas
Support multi-satellites & massive multi-source heterogeneous data
Four-dimensional data center
Fast and practical solutions for various resource information & application.
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SATA (SHAANXI ACADEMY OF AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGY APPLICATION CO.,LTD.) provides profesional remote sensing solutions to support the processing of payload data such as optics, video, radar, meteorology, and electronic satellites, realizing all production functions from the satellite to the original data to standard products.


● Fully automated production, without manual intervention, independently controllable, and support cross-platform.

● Radiation accuracy is better than 3%, stitching accuracy is better than 0.3 pixels, registration accuracy is better than 0.2 pixels, and controlled accuracy is better than 3 pixels.

● Capable of fast attitude orbit data processing, multiple radiation processing, virtual CCD stitching and high-precision RPC generation.


Providing customized remote sensing data processing services for military, government, and users in various industries.

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