Facial Recognition And Temperature Measurement Integrated Machine

Facial Recognition And Temperature Measurement Integrated Machine

Fast recognition, temperature detection in a second
Facial recognition with mask and temperature measurement are completed at the same time
Recognition and alarm without mask
1:N facial verification and recognition
Recognition distance is 0.6 m ~ 1 m; Recognition distance configuration available
Offline LAN device deployment available
Online HTTP transport cloud deployment available
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Product Details

Product Profile

The facial recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine has the functions of temperature measurement, facial recognition, mask recognition, attendance, access control-video linkage, etc. It can complete the test, detection in a second with a detection distance of about 0.6 m and a temperature measurement accuracy of ±0.2 °C. The product is a plug and play device with strong expansibility, and later can be used as a regular intelligent terminal. It can be applied to temperature measurement, mask recognition and facial recognition at the entrance of residential communities, shopping malls, factories, government departments, public areas, supervision areas, etc. 

Special Features/Advantages

● Industrial grade standard, low power consumption and high stability

● Transmission with high speed and high frame rate

● Wide temperature range -40.0 °C ~ +85.0 °C

● Optional FOV

● Temperature measurement accuracy ±0.2 °C

● Image processing based on temperature data

● Effective emissivity: 0.97±0.02 

Technical Parameters



Quad-core processor Cortex-A17 RK 3288 1.8 GHz


2 GB


8 GB


Android 7.1.2


7" LCD; Resolution: 1,024*600 @60 Hz


Aluminium alloy cover; PMMA panel


Recognition height 

1.2 m ~ 2.2 m

Recognition distance 

0.6 m ~ 1 m

Temperature measurement distance

About 0.6 m

Recognition angle

30°(left and right); 30°(up and down)

Recognition technology

Facial recognition with mask + array infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement

Near-infrared liveness detection

Embedded visible light facial recognition

Recognition time

Detection and tracking 15 ms, contrast 80 ms/thousand people, feature extraction 300 ms

Status display

Name broadcast and display

Customized information broadcast display

Face database

30,000 (expandable)


2 megapixel

Wide dynamic range camera

Auto white balance

Automatic backlight optimization 

Effective pixels 

1,920 * 1,080

Camera lens

1/3" image sensor; 4 mm / 6 mm focus; F2.4 aperture

Pixel size

2.2 μm * 2.2 μm

Minimum illumination

Colour 0.05 Lux @F1.2 (ICR)

Signal-to-noise ratio

≥39 db (AGC OFF)

Wide dynamic range

≥100 db

Interface type

USB 2.0

Temperature measurement module

Infrared thermal imaging module

Thermal imaging resolution

Array 32*32


30° * 30°

Temperature measurement range

+30 °C ~ +45 °C

Temperature measurement distance

0.6 m

Temperature measurement accuracy

±0.2 °C

RF working frequency

13.56 MHz

Besides Facial Recognition and Temperature Measurement Integrated Machine, Shaanxi Academy of Aerospace Technology Application Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SATA”, formerly Xi'an Space Star), as a temperature measurement system’s manufacturer, has also been offering High Throughput Temperature Measurement System for crowded entrances and exits of shopping malls, railway station, air terminals, etc.

              High Throughput Temperature Measurement System


High Throughput Temperature Measurement System


● Communities

● Apartments

● Shopping malls

● Factories

Service and After-sales

SATA provides service package of Smart Temperature Measurement System (Facial Recognition and Temperature Measurement Integrated Machine and  High Throughput Temperature Measurement System) on installation, debugging, updating and maintenance. No damage to human factors, all products one year warranty, life-long maintenance. Meanwhile SATA provides professional technology training program according to users’ special requirements or demand.

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