High Throughput Temperature Measurement System

Non-contact, fast temperature measurement. Temperature measurement to the detected target can be completed within 100 ms in the distance of 2 m.
Dual spectrum, dual channel, all-weather real-time body temperature monitoring
Accurate facial recognition and dynamic temperature real-time display
Localization management, data analysis and processing
Automatic alarm for high temperature, The temperature measurement accuracy can reach ± 0.2 °C in the temperature measurement range of -40 °C ~ +85 °C
Face detection model with mask. The detection rate of face with mask is up to 98%. Data docking with cloud platform available
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Product Details

Product Profile

High Throughput Temperature Measurement System is a non-contact, large-area, accurate and efficient temperature measurement and screening system specially developed for dense population in public areas based on thermal imaging temperature measurement, information fusion, intelligent analysis and other technologies. It can detect abnormal temperature personnel in time and give an alarm, assist the supervision departments to implement rapid intervention and emergency measures, and prevent the risk of large scale infection and spread of virus in public places. In addition, the intelligent analysis server of facial recognition can be selected according to the needs to effectively avoid other non-human target interference and reduce the false alarm rate of the system and to effectively alleviate the pressure on the management staff's work intensity and manpower shortage.

Special Features/Advantages

● Safety: Reduce the risk of cross infection by using non-contact infrared thermometry

●  High efficiency: Measurement time is less than 1 second, and multiple people can be measured at the same time

●  Accuracy: High precision non-contact temperature measurement, when used with blackbody, the temperature measurement error is better than ±0.2 °C

● Low false alarm rate: Support face detection and temperature measurement, effectively eliminate non temperature measurement target interference

●  Intelligent alarm: Support sound and light alarm mode, having automatic screening and early warning mechanism, abnormal temperature alarm with the person’s face photo, which is convenient for accurate tracking and treatment

●  Full time work: Can realize 7 × 24 real-time rapid body temperature screening, early warning and intervention

● Convenient deployment: Temperature measurement thermal imaging camera + blackbody + PC constitutes a small temperature-measuring station, which can be deployed offline on one's own or networking monitored online

● Backtracking: Integrated with the platform, it can realize the backtracking, analysis and mining of historical data

Technical Parameters

Binocular Thermal Imaging Camera

Visible light sensor

Visible light sensor 1/1.8" Progressive Scan CMOS


Uncooled IRFPA detector

Temperature measurement range

0 °C ~ +50 °C

Temperature measurement accuracy

±0.2°C (including blackbody)

Temperature correction



1,920 * 1,080

Focal length

2.8 mm ~ 12 mm

Video mode

Dual optical fusion


Adaptable Ethernet interface RJ45 10M/100M/1000M, 1 pcs

Thermal imaging resolution

640 * 480


DC12 V ±20% / 802.3at (PoE+)


Operating temperature

40.0°C (ambient temperature +5.0 °C ~ +50.0 °C, adjustable)

Temperature resolution

0.1 °C

Temperature measurement accuracy

±0.2 °C (single point)

Temperature stability

± (0.1 ~ 0.2) °C /30min

Effective emissivity



220 VAC 50Hz

Ambient temperature and humidity

0 ~ 40 °C; ≤ 80%RH


Tripod; power cord

Local Temperature Measurement System


Intelligent video processor

Hi3559A V100



Flash memory card

64 GB


1 pcs

Watch dog timer

1 pcs

Output protocol

HTTP1(S), HTTP2, GA/T1400

Hardware interface

Network interface

10/100/1000M adaptable Ethernet interface


USB2.0, 1 pcs; USB3.0, 1 pcs


1 pcs


Reset, 1 pcs

Serial port

RS-485, 1pcs

TF card interface

Built-in interface, 1 pcs

Alarm I / O

Input, 8 pcs; Output, 8 pcs

Audio frequency

Input / Output

Input, 1 pcs; Output, 1 pcs


Power indicator

1 pcs

Running-state indicator

1 pcs

Operating temperature

-20 °C ~ +65 °C

Power adapter

DC12V / 2A


Aluminium alloy fanless enclosure; 233.8 mm * 147.2 mm * 53 mm

Besides High Throughput Temperature Measurement System, Shaanxi Academy of Aerospace Technology Application Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SATA”, formerly Xi'an Space Star), as a temperature measurement system’s manufacturer, has also been offering Facial Recognition and Temperature Measurement Integrated Machine for entrances and exits of schools, office buildings, etc.

                                    Facial Recognition and Temperature Measurement Integrated Machine

Facial Recognition and Temperature Measurement Integrated Machine


● Railway stations

● Airports

● Supermarkets

● Colleges, universities and schools

● Factories

● Office building

● Government office buildings and halls

● Tourist attractions

Service and After-sales

SATA provides service package of Smart Temperature Measurement System (Facial Recognition and Temperature Measurement Integrated Machine and  High Throughput Temperature Measurement System) on installation, debugging, updating and maintenance. No damage to human factors, all products one year warranty, life-long maintenance. Meanwhile SATA provides professional technology training program according to users’ special requirements or demand.

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