1.8m Special Ku-Band Vsat Communication Antenna

1.8m Special Ku-Band Vsat Communication Antenna

Quick adjust position
Ring focus
0.8m Carbon fiber composite reflector
Relative small & more portable
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We adhere to the service tenet of 'serving users, being responsible for users, and satisfying users', and provides customers with high-quality 2.4m Fly Away Antenna, Stainless Steel Fine Mesh, 1.0m Automatic Flyaway Antenna and comprehensive services. Looking forward to your inquiry. Till now, our products have been exported to more than 20 countries under our strict quality control and high level service. Over the years, we have been adhering to the business policy of 'customer first, pursuit of excellence, eternal innovation, and mutual benefit', and have won praises from many customers with the joint efforts of all the staff. Quality is our core competitiveness, and our company strives for the best in every detail. Therefore, the product quality is stable and well received by customers.


Our 0.9m motorized Ku band flyaway antenna is a portable antenna, which can realize functions of automatic tracking, automatic locking and automatic folding by using the electromechanical integration and signal feedback technology.

This flyaway antenna's reflecting system is designed on the idea of integration, with no need to remove the feed source, and exclusive waveguide connection of BUC. We applied universal design of the feed source support arm, the feed source support arm can be installed on BUC (power up to 40W) and LNB. The whole system is designed in integral sealing and has a protection level up to IP 55, and therefore, it can meet three-proofing and rain resistant requirements and is able to work in an all-weather manner under safe and reliable conditions. 


● Being handy for storage and convenient for carriage and handling

● IP 55 protection level

● Dependable appearance

● Precise transmission system

● Various control model hand hold terminal, Push-To-Talk button, laptop (wired and wireless), smart phone,  etc.

● Equipped with the false-locking protection function

● Having remote failure diagnosis and software upgrading functions


0.9m Ku fly away antenna with motorized

Antenna type

Ring  focus




Linear polarization


RX:10.95~12.75 GHz



TX:13.75~14.5 GHz

TX: ≥39.1+20 lg(f/14.25)dBi


≥ 35 dB


RX:≤ 1.25


≥ 85 dB

TX:≤ 1.25

First sidelobe

≤ -14 dB

Power capability

100 W

Feed interface




± 95 °

Drive speed


0.1°~3 °/s




0.1°~3 °/s


± 90°


0.1°~3 °/s

Time of auto catch satellite

≤ 3 min

Type of aim satellite

Automatic tracking, and can be tracked manually

Precision of aiming satellite

Better than 1/5 half power beam width

Location mode


Handset parameters

Mobile phone

Use of temperature

-40°C~+60 °C

Operational winds

11 m/s

Storage temperature

-50°C~+70 °C

Survival winds

18 m/s


95%(20 °C)

Lever of protection



220 VAC±10%,50Hz±2 Hz

≤ 100W(not including the BUC)


≤ 16 Kg(not including the amplifier attachments and so on )

Applications :

● Can be applied in military for emergency communication 

● Can be applied for people to do field scientific investigation

● Can be used for sudden public events and all kinds of disasters real-time information gathering

We are committed to becoming the leader in this industry, insisting on selling 1.8m Special Ku-Band Vsat Communication Antenna at the most competitive prices, providing customers with diversified services, and striving to fully meet customer requirements. Contact us today for more information! Relying on our professional technical team, we provide customers with the upgrade and optimization of product functions, the improvement of product reliability, the improvement of product efficiency and quality, and the reduction of product costs.
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