Conveyor System Spare Parts Idler for Mining

Conveyor System Spare Parts Idler for Mining

Carbon Fiber Solid Structural Parts
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We always adhere to the research and development of independent intellectual property products to manufacture 6.2m Earth Station Antennas, 5.3m Earth Station Antennas, 2.4m SNG Antennas of the leading level in the industry. The concept of internationalization of design, product, manufacturing and operation will place the enterprise in a high vision and all-round level, with excellent enterprise concept, strong enterprise strength and scientific and effective management. We are guided by the employment policy of meritocracy, and we have absorbed a large number of people with both ability and political integrity for corporate purposes.

The Carbon Fiber Solid Structural Parts can be formed by hollow tubes (round tube, square tube, special section tube, variable section tube, etc.), solid beam constructions(I-shaped beam, groove beam, T-beam, cross beam, etc.), semi-open structure (open box, cap structure), which can be used to replace metal parts under the working condition of light weight requirements.

We updated and perfected the product structure of Conveyor System Spare Parts Idler for Mining in order to comply with market changes and ever-increasing requirements of customers. Our company continues to absorb advanced mature technology and develop new products according to market demand. Our company gives full play to the overall advantages of the company, continuously to improve the quality of service, laying a solid foundation bit by bit, making scientific explorations step by step, and actively practicing without hesitation.
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