Drone Cluster Intercom Repeater System for a Flexible and Prompt Emergency Rescue

Drone Cluster Intercom Repeater System for a Flexible and Prompt Emergency Rescue

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We have successfully developed 0.8m Ku Flyaway Antenna With Motorized, Smart Healthcare, Timing User Terminal with superior performance and are in a leading position among the peers. We have introduced advanced modern corporate management mechanisms, continuously strengthened the overall quality of corporate employees, established and improved related quality systems and other regulations, thereby enhancing the company's market competitiveness. Relying on superior quality and excellent post-sales, our products sell well in both domestic and foreign markets. We have intelligent processing of order information, real-time and flexible transportation of warehousing, investment and wholesale operation and multi-channel terminal retail.


The BeiDou emergency rescue terminal is a wearable beidou satellite positioning communication terminal for outdoor safety which was developed by our company. In addition to satellite positioning function, the emergency rescue terminal has BeiDou satellite short message communication function. The emergency rescue terminal is used for transmission service for outdoor emergency distress information and location information. The Beidou emergency rescue terminal can be used independently or with a mobile phone. The Beidou emergency rescue terminal has small size, light weight, long working hours and other characteristics. In the case of no cell phone signal, the Beidou emergency rescue terminal can also communicate with the outside world in real time. 

The current location of the terminal is obtained by using the GPS/BD satellite system, and the location is continuously sent to the management center or rescue center via the beidou satellite, so that the administrator can see and know the user’s location at any time.

In case of emergency or danger, users can continuously send the distress signal and location to the operation and management center or the rescue center through the "SOS" button of Beidou emergency rescue terminal to guide the search and rescue.

The BeiDou emergency rescue terminal can also be used with the mobile phone by installing a special APP on the phone.


In addition to the above basic functions, the BeiDou emergency rescue terminal also has the following functions:

● At any time, you can visually check your current location and walking footprint through the map on your phone to help users plan their route.

● Send and receive messages via mobile phone. In areas where there is no mobile network (when the phone is silent), the user is still guaranteed to use the phone to interact with the user's designated users via text messages.

● In case of emergency, the SOS icon under the main interface of the mobile phone APP can be used to send the distress signal and location information after confirmation.

Through years of unremitting efforts, our Drone Cluster Intercom Repeater System for a Flexible and Prompt Emergency Rescue has been praised among peers and users for its superior performance and enjoys a high reputation. We have been sincerely looking forward to cooperate with customers all over the world. We serve and win customers through continuous improvement, comprehensive and enthusiastic pre-sales and after-sales services.
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