Ku Band Seamless Waveguide Microwave Unit

Ku Band Seamless Waveguide Microwave Unit

Good portability
Excellent concealment
Fast response speed
High reliability
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With our rich experience and perfect after-sales service, we have won the praise of our customers and occupy a position in the domestic and foreign market of Gold Plated Metal Wires, Flyaway Antennas, Antenna Test Range. The company attaches great importance to product quality and service quality, based on the business philosophy 'good with people, genuine to whole world, your satisfaction is our pursuit'. Our company has advanced equipment configuration, strong technical force and comprehensive staff quality. Our strength is dedicated to meet the needs of the healthy development of society, create social resource value and corporate brand value, and provide a platform for sustainable development for the society!

1.8m inflatable portable antenna is a new style antenna, which adopts advanced deployable structure. Compared with the traditional solid surface antenna, it has a smaller volume and lighter weight. Therefore, it is more convenient to transport and carry. In the case of lack of infrastructure, it also can complete layout and point at satellite with 20 minute. It is mostly used in C band and Ku band, which is the world‘s most portable medium caliber satellite. 


● Good portability: total weight of the 1.8m antenna is less than 40 kgs with package which can be curled into one or two bags, and it is convenient to carry. At present, it is the unique portable antenna with the caliber of  more than 1.8m diameter and can be carried along. 

● Environmental suitability: sphere with special material and coating, with a fixed rope, adopt the complex conditions and geographical environment (rain, snow, big wind and sand ). 

● Maintainability: it adopts modular design, every component can be quickly repaired and replaced. 








5.85-6.425 GHz



3.625-4.20 GHz




≥38. 0dBi






          linear  polarization

  Power  tolerance



  Feed interface







24V DC  /  220V AC

  Mechanical performance

  Antenna  type

  Prime Focus Antenna

Reflector  material

  flexible cloth

   Preparing for pointing  at satellite

≤   30  Min

   Drive range




External  Pull  ± 10°


± 90° 

 power  dissipation




≤35Kg  including all  devices

  Packing size ( 2 bags)








wind load

   operational  winds

   Force  6 wind

  adding a stable  component

 Force  8 wind

   Working temperature


  Storage temperature


Applications :

Mainly used in the communication capacity and high portability requirements of armed police, army and exploration, research, and other fields.

Our company operates in strict accordance with the modern enterprise movement mode, takes product differentiation as the competitive advantage, constantly studies the market, gives play to the product characteristics, and wins wide praise for Ku Band Seamless Waveguide Microwave Unit in the increasingly fierce market competition. The excellent corporate culture, advancing design concepts, lean quality and perfect service system have established our position in the industry. Offering the best services to all of our customers has been our company's commitment since its inception.
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