Smart Headset Audio Guide System/Headpone Walk Talk System

Smart Headset Audio Guide System/Headpone Walk Talk System

Integrated management platform
Big data centre
Smart ticket distribution system
Guide / guided tour system
Data mining and analysis system
Business interconnectivity system
Grid management platform
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We will continue to devote ourselves to the research and development of Gold Plated Molybdenum Wires, Remote Sensing Data Processing Equipment, Broadband Ad Hoc Network-Single Channel and provide customers with innovative and reliable products. We uphold the core values of 'love, dedication, gratitude, and integrity'. We are willing to cooperate with customers at home and abroad on the basis of mutual benefit and seek common development hand in hand. Our products have novel structure, excellent performance and reliable quality, and are favored by customers all over the world.

Adopting the advanced technologies of top design, system engineering, structural system and theory of parallel systems, our Smart City BU, as a professional smart tourism’s supplier, has developed smart city solutions by taking advantage of our superiority in space technology, especially satellite communication, navigation and remote sensing.

As one of three parts of smart city, smart tourism system SS-SC-ST includes seven functional platforms or systems, providing the overall solution of smart tourism, including overall planning, software development, hardware integration, data operation etc. Through the overall design and project construction, smart tourism system SS-SC-ST improve the management ability of the tourism industry, control the tourism data, increase the profitability of the travel companies, and provide a more accurate service experience for the tourists. 

This advanced smart tourism system, SS-SC-ST solution integrates all present independent systems, realizing inter-sectors, cross-industry integration application, featuring the functional of gathering, storing and managing scatted data facilitates tourist sites’ statistical analysis; reducing the loss and impact of disaster to the utmost by interconnection of grid management, equipment/HR/contingency plan management to ensure the efficiency of emergency united command; providing overall, accurate and timely information for tourists, improving the tourist sites’ services and tourists satisfaction.

This system has been applied by many famous sightseeing sites in China mainland. And what’s more, more and more companies overseas are interested in its outstanding features, discussing cooperation with our Smart City BU.

Special Features/Advantages:

● Management mode of space system engineering

● Structural system

●Theory of parallel systems

●Satellite application resources

●Capacity of information security assurance


● Governments

● Tourism authorities 

● Tourist sites 

● Urban management sectors 

● Urban sanitation sectors

● Traffic police sectors

Service and After-sales:

Xi’an Space Star provides service package of SS-SC-ST smart tourism solution on installation, debugging, updating and maintenance. Meanwhile Xi’an Space Star provides professional technology training program according to users’ special requirements or demand.

We are responsible for the quality of each Smart Headset Audio Guide System/Headpone Walk Talk System, because we always believe that customer satisfaction is to give us the best return. Advanced science and technology have brought us a powerful and professional service system, and we always face the ever-changing market with full spirit. We rely on mature management, impressive scale of development and brand influence in domestic market to embark on foreign trade.
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